How to pay your Removal Company

How to pay your Removal Company

We all know that nothing in the world comes for free. Now, even love has a price in the shape of diamonds and pearls!

Back to removals and how money ties in with them…


Removals themselves are very pricey, but if you are planning on hiring a professional service, you will encounter extra charges. This is because obviously, removal companies are not going to come to your assistance from the goodness of their heart. They too will want their profit which comes in the form of money.

This article is going to discuss the payment methods by which you can pay your removal company. It will also discuss how to pay your removal company and the different options that may or may not be available to you, thus making you more educated about the choices you have.

First of all you need to know that not every house clearance company  is the same or has the same policy. Whilst many of them tend to have the same policies due to their competitive nature etc. it is always wise to double check what the company of your choice offers, claims etc. Some may offer different prices, payment options, payment terms etc. so once again, always do your research and make sure you know what you are committing too.

First of all let us discuss the different payment methods that may be made available to you. The first one is your basic cash only, which does exactly what it says on the tin! No cheques, no debit or credit cards but just plain old cash.

Some companies may then take it a step further and accept payments made by cheque which may be more convenient to you than having to go to the bank in order to withdraw money (especially since some banks have a limit as to how much you can withdraw on a daily basis).

Some companies make payment even more convenient by accepting payments made via a credit or debit card. You may have to pay extra in order to do your card, but the option will be there for you to choose.

Now that payment method has been covered, let us discuss payment times. This once again does not apply to all house clearance companies since each company has its own policy, so make sure you know which policy applies to your company.

Some companies will ask for the full amount by your chosen method once the job has been completed. This is probably the most common and preferred payment time. On the other hand, still working by the same principle, companies may ask for the full sum in advance, before the job has been completed.

Others will ask for an advance (which is usually half of the total cost) as a down payment or security, so that the company know that you are committed and vice versa. They will then ask for the remaining half once the job has been completed satisfactorily.

No matter by which method you pay, or at what time during the removal you pay, always ensure that you get a receipt or relevant paperwork. This acts as proof and confirmation, and will come in handy in case things go wrong (it is better to be prepared for the worst right?).

Now that you know the possible options available to you, go online, make phone calls or give your removal company a visit to ask which payment options are accepted and when these payments need to be made. This will keep you on top of it, rather than the other way round!


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